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Page 3 - UKTES Club & Website and Additional Comments

Would you be Interested in Joining a UK Toyota Estima Owners Club? Suggested Club Activities Is there anything that you would like to see included on the website? Additional Comments

UKTES Club & Website

Would you be Interested in Joining a UK Toyota Estima Owners Club?

Interest in Club


Don't Know






Suggested Club Activities

Club Activities

My Comments

Details of and access to supplies of reasonable spares and service information

See the Links page and Register for a Workshop Manual

Carry on as you are now expanding a base of UK knowledge of the Estima. It would be nice to meet other Estima owners and look at other Estimas.( The model and extra's are confusing}. Try to put together a "How To" (Replace or Change etc) manual.

need to have a local chapter (Australia)of the club

Unlikely, unless someone else runs it. But a good idea for affiliate clubs in other countries

Rallies, meets etc.

Love the discount idea, particularly on insurance.

A social get together if geographically possible to allow free converse and comparisons


I've tried but cannot get a reply!

Keep the tech knowledge up to help maintain these lovely beasts.

Owners Meet - if it gets going properly. Co-operative Bulk purchasing of parts.

Would like to know where to get parts and accessories cheap!

See the Links page for a start!

how about organising a yearly rally and regular club outings and family fun days?

Access to service information/manuals would be useful.

Register for a Workshop Manual


haynes type manual

Register for a Workshop Manual

meetings,rallies etc.

Sharing of Information

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

Meetings/Get Togethers

Exchange of information regarding faults and rectification including reliable dealers etc.

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

Exchange Ideas on car problem

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

Help keep a record of all various breakdown problems in order to inform other members on how to get the best repairs done. Perhaps make a Workshop Mannual available.

Register for a Workshop Manual

Online manuals in English.

I doubt it, breach of copyright. Register for a Workshop Manual

interested in anything

Technical help, possibly a rally, breakers with spare parts owners updates mods

See the Links page for parts

have a fun weekend for the family camping or the like

insurance deals

Share experience good/bad on people providing services, e.g. insurance, service, sales, parts.

FAQ is excellent and so is can I help, when looking at new facilities these should be recognised as such.

finding parts a priority.

See the Links page

Source accessories such as roof racks, tow bars

See the Links page

weekend meets

Any information regarding our Estima.

Get a manual in English

Register for a Workshop Manual

contact with other owners would be very helpful

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.


sponsored owner gathering

Meetings/social gatherings to compare/gather info etc. Perhaps a newsletter

A larger data base of parts/service, etc. Dare I say it, Yearly club meets!!!

Rallies ? (Ever seen 50 Lucidas drive down the road at once!)

A forum for Estima owners to source and swap odd bits that may be missing - trims, curtains, accessories etc.

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

I am interested in the various extras some Estima Lucida are equipped with

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

Is there anything that you would like to see included on the website?

Ideas for UKTES

My Comments

Information on more companies that supply parts such as exhausts.

An article on modifying SatNav/TV to enable it to work in the UK. (I am still working on it).

I'll be most happy to publish your article, please get in contact

More of everything but especially and English workshop manual and a parts list (exploded diagram) add to that the fault codes

Register for a Workshop Manual

There must be a technical engine manual somewhere, it would be great to have it translated,scanned and on line as a reference.- even if I have to contribute to the costs.

Register for a Workshop Manual

List of spare parts for servicing, that are not the Toyota parts. Other companies do the same parts at much reduced prices.

Good idea, I'll need visitors to send me details

Feature of the month - discovered cheap deals - exceptional offers etc

Not sure on this one

List and location of garages that carry out servicing without the need for myself to purchase parts for them.

If there is enough interest, break down findings by country, so I can use the knowledge in Australia

It might be useful to compare prices for parts in different countries to help new owners avoid being ripped off. i.e. my screen cost IRP 350 fly window 120 and ex manifold 200 oil filter 13 ,all in Punts.

If possible monitoring of FOB Prices ex Japan. Servicing tips. Approx. prices for spare parts, exhausts etc.

Approx. parts price list for common items, just to give an idea what you should expect to pay so we don't get ripped off!

more owner problems and details on how they solved them.does anyone know where to get a workshop manual?

Register for a Workshop Manual

The final costing of your own purchase, which I have followed with interest since last August!

1. DIY car maintenance section (included photos) on simple maintenance routines. 2. Troublespotting section ( i.e common problems ) 3. "I'm a member of the UK Toyota Estima Site Club" car sticker. 4. "Lowest Insurance Quote" page 5. Members items for sale or swap 6. Best places to visit in your Estima

Cars/parts for sale?

Accessories / Add-ons for Estima

perhaps basic servicing hints like a "haynes" manual would show?

Register for a Workshop Manual

Just Keep Up The Good Work

Regular information about faults and how rectified. E.g. I have to replace cracked windscreen. Is it the same size as the one for a Previa?

Lists of parts suppliers and perhaps stock


sporty look of Estimas with skirting, low profile tyre, lowered etc

yes,contact no.s for the spare parts you list such as boot liner console etc...

Any present Lucida Clubs


I'll let you know

More photos of the different models and features they have.

vehicles for sale, spares?

expand & promote more use of the queries sections as this could become a valuable source of info for us owners. Besides that the site is terrific and was of great use when looking around to buy our Estima. Keep up the great work!!

the price of parts that other members have bought

Just send me details

Some comparative evaluations with other people mover models perhaps. A little more on the characteristics of the different models from a driving and maintenance perspective. Especially the engines and transmissions.

I will not be doing comparisons I'm afraid, not enough time, and I think the motor press covers this better than I could.

Cheap way to import T.V/and onboard entertainment (not myself) into N.Z

A translation of the under bonnet sign if we cant get a manual.

See Translations page

Part Number Listings for Toyota Parts & U.K. Equivalent part/vehicle fitments i.e. Diesel filter from 1992 Carina E 2.0 DLX fits Estima Emina X 2.2 TD

An owners comments/ info section for service and spares.

Send me details, I'll either put them on the Owner's Experiences page or create a new one.

some more pictures of different types of Estimas

Technical help, what to use where, what other parts fit my Estima Lucida, where can you get correct windscreen wipers from ?. Where its the cheapest place to get insurance, paying last June 580, 40year old no accidents, no convictions, etc.

More technical data that you would normally find in a normal car handbook

Register for a Workshop Manual

list of insurers as I am finding it hard to get insured through my previous insurer

Perhaps user group forum to raise questions amongst other owners ..would like to know part numbers of common parts (oil/air filters) and average costs paid - readers experiences etc.

If not already a member join Toyota Estima newsgroup.

No. Its great.

I have not yet purchased a Estima, I have yet to checkout the insurance arrangements!! However it would be very useful to have a page which listed companies that will offer quotes for these imports.

engine service data as in a workshop manual

Register for a Workshop Manual

Additional Comments

Additional Comments

My Comments

The site is great Paul.

Thank you.

Fantastic website needs more information how can I help. cant HO Toyota help by passing along technical information?

Send me any and all information you have.
Er, I don't think Toyota UK would be very keen on that, can't think why!

Great website, I wish I had found you a year ago, might have saved me having 3 engine rebuilds.

Thank you.

I think your site is great and it was a wonderful help when we first bought our vehicle. I bought the handbook through this site, and that was useful in itself in terms of getting to know how to use some of the things like overdrive and getting a service schedule.

Thank you.

I am truly thankful for what you have put up here, I bought the owners handbook via your information, and am much more knowledgeable about my vehicle. Thanks

Thank you.

1.Well done. 2.Owners register from all over the globe. 3.I would like to co-ordinate the Irish wing? 4.Locate 2 hand parts dealers with Estimas. 5.Keep up the good work.

1. Thank you.
2. Good idea to have affiliated Owner's Clubs
3. Ok, get in touch
4. See the Links page

Absolutely tremendous site, I used it extensively prior to looking for my Estima and was much more aware of the extras included on my vehicle than the salesman! I found the web site by recommendation.(My Next door neighbour and good friend also has an Estima and he e-mailed me the address after I was so impressed with his vehicle (after two trips to France with both Families - 8 persons). P.S. I'm not sure if I have heated mirrors - I have a switch with an orange button on the R.H.S of the steering wheel which has Japanese writing and lights up but that's all - I haven't tried to see if they heat up, as I've just gone through your equipment list above,after my wife's taken the car to work. Many thanks for your efforts in producing such an invaluable resource for all Estima owners. I very much hope you keep it up.

Thank you.

The button is an idle up button for the diesel engine to maintain the heating for cars with diesel engines. The 2 characters on the button mean, 'fast idle' or 'warm up' (see FAQ, question 19 for more details)

Go for it!

Thank you. (I think!)

Have found the site informative and useful - can't think of anything else specific. The mpg is based on town driving - I believe I get circa 30 on a long run, but have only done one journey over 50 miles so far. I'm going to France in August, after which I'll be able to give you the "optimum" economy I achieve.

I bought the English translation of the handbook via your offer. It is of limited use - service information is very limited - doesn't give details of service schedules (other than oil changes), even how to change an indicator bulb!

Fair comment, but please be aware it is not a service manual, just an Owner's Handbook

1. This section could included tips on the correct sequential steps in removing and replacing items, also what the item looks like and where to find the item on the engine etc. These could be sent in by the readers and any missing photo/steps could be appended to your page should you or another member feel something was missing. Of course these pages would be guides and no responsibility placed on the club. 2. Common problems section would be about known faults and how they start and how to prevent/check for that fault, again with pictures. 3. I think a rear window sticker showing the club name and the web address ( and any other information ) would help spread the word.(I often see these cars and wonder to myself where does he get his parts, how much was his insurance and where does he take his car if it has a problem ). Of course they would carry a charge but I know I for one would pass these on as and when I see fellow Estima drivers. 4. Lowest insurance Quote would simply be a page that does not take any other factor into account just that it was the lowest quoted insurance premium and the insurance company. This info would sent in by members. 5. I suspect there are Estima owners who want to sell there cars or have parts to sell and this site would be a great place for selling / swapping. 6. Currently I am considering driving to Italy and it dawned on me who else has travelled far and wide and what tips or hints could they pass on if they have already visited the same or close destination. Of course this doesn't need to be foreign, any where home or abroad would be good

1. Good idea, please send me all details and I'll publish them.

2. See1 above.

3. Not sure, could be very expensive as numbers would be limited.

4. Good idea, I'm already thinking of creating an Insurance Questionnaire.

5. I will not be providing this service due to possible problems that may arise, although perhaps maybe a special "member's only" page.

6. Again, good idea, send me details and I'll create a new page for travel information.

I think this is a great site for Estima owners, keep up the good work!

Thank you.

can you obtain a parts book?

It;s proving difficult to get a "reliable" one, anyone any ideas?

Great Work!

Thank you.

very good site

Thank you.

As much owners experiences as possible. Fuel consumption, handling, driving etc.

I have already found this site to be very helpful. Thank you for taking the initiative and good luck.

Thank you.

Great site - keep up the good work!

Thank you.

also advise on who not to buy from i.e. ex scrap dealers Liverpool area now selling imports&advertising in auto-trader north-west

Providing it's not libellous, send it in and I'll publish it.


Thank you.

Good Site - Well done, The information has proven to be very useful

Thank you.

Looking for work shop books etc.

Register for a Workshop Manual

I hope that at last I may have found somewhere to get some answers. I use mine as a taxi and although I have a regular service , I am experiencing a lot of weird noises possibly due to the high mileage 175,000 k. Need to find an answer to the changing down syndrome as fuel economy is up the wall. I wouldn't mind helping if you do need any help

Your website is very good. I have found it very useful in finding out about Estimas. I have purchased an owners manual through the link on the site, I ordered it at lunchtime and it arrived the next day first delivery. In the owners experiences more information re roof bars would be useful i.e. the name of the garage near Derby. Thank you.

Thank you.

Brilliant. This is what the internet is all about. I will be visiting regularly.

Thank you.

Very useful website, keep up the good work.

Thank you.

I think the club is a good idea. P.S. I have sourced 2 workshop manuals one is the Haynes type the other is American although neither covers the diesel engine

It's the Diesel engine manual that is in demand!

just keep adding to the site it can only get better

Thank you.

keep up the good work, any support I can provide ask.

Thank you.

Excellent site keep up the good work

Thank you.

I have a couple of questions: (1) does anyone know if our model is permanently a 4WD model or is there a button/switch to change it back to a 2WD (2) is it a major job to change a timing belt and how often should it be done, we are not absolutely sure how genuine the mileage was when we bought the vehicle last summer, and we're a bit concerned as we are hoping to travel to France in June.

1. Permanent.
2. I think I'm right in saying that it is not so much major as it is difficult or awkward due to the position of the engine.

I was told that the 2.4 litre petrol motor does not have a cam/timing belt. Is that not correct?

Correct, it has a chain.

Most Insurance Companies I've talked to will not insure the Estima, I once talked to the woman at Toyota UK about SVA and she said that the Estima will never qualify as its not up to EU standards and after I told her that mine was reregistered she told me that I was either lying or had got it 'Through the back door'.

BTW even thought mines reregistered it still has a KM speedo.

She obviously either doesn't know what she's talking about or has her wires seriously crossed!

My speedo's the same, out of choice, but it MUST have MPH on the display, if not it is illegal.

A site I have waited for & searched a long time for - Congratulations!

Thank you.

This is an excellent site. The text size is a bit small to read without altering my browsers font size.

Thank you.

Excellent site

Thank you.

I think this site is great and have gleaned many useful pieces of info !

Thank you.

Well done putting the site together. It is really easy to navigate around and full of really useful information. Thanks for making this difficult to find information available.

Thank you.

The website is excellent. Would be useful if there were a few minor details about pricing for spares - such as light clusters, bumpers etc just to give people a rough guide. On this questionnaire there is no box to opt for 'looking to buy'

A box for an email address would be good so you could send fellow Estima fans details of website updates.

Overall a really really informative site.

Thank you.

A good idea, but this information is on parts suppliers Websites.

The Questionnaire was designed just for Owner's of the Estima, but thank you for your comments.

very smooth diesel engine! quietest diesel I've known.

Fair comment, but personally I think the Isuzu diesel in my Cavalier is quieter, just!

I have been trying to source an interior lighting tube and the telephone number for Toyota in Belgium

Should be able to replace it in a hardware shop I'd have thought, it is after all just a small strip light.