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Specification Inspection Photos My Photos

I've been waiting to publish this page for a long time. Well here it is, the specification below, followed by the digital inspection photos from Angel Motors.


  • Toyota Estima Emina "G" Luxury
  • Grade 3.5
  • 2184 cc Turbo Diesel
  • 79,000 km (49,000 miles)
  • Auto. Transmission with column shift with Overdrive
  • 4WD
  • Blue-Green Teal
  • 7 Seater (Captain's chairs)
  • Interior is light blue in very good condition with no rips or tears.
  • Standard Toyota alloy wheels with Michelin tyres (almost new).
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Twin Air Conditioning with climate control
  • Sonar Parking sensors
  • Twin Moon Roof: Manual sunroof at front and Electric Sunroof at rear
  • Toyota CD-Cassette Stereo (with Equaliser)
  • Easy Close side door
  • Child safety lock
  • Privacy glass
  • Remote Key locking
  • Central Locking
  • Power Windows
  • Electric mirrors
  • Power Steering
  • Tilt adjustable steering column
  • Roof rails fixings
  • Reversing mirror
  • Remote fuel flap release
  • Multi-box, consisting of 3 holder/tray's for coin's etc.
  • Heated rear window

Inspection Photos.

Emina 95 G-Nearside Emina 95 G-Offside Emina 95 G-Offside Rear
Emina 95 G-Nearside Rear Emina 95 G-Rear Emina 95 G-Rear Interior


Emina 95 G-Offside 2 Emina 95 G-Driver Side Emina 95 G-Offside Emina 95 G-Front
Emina 95 G-Front Interior Emina 95 G-Captain Seats Emina 95 G-Front Seats Emina 95 G-Front Seats 2
Emina 95 G-Front Interior Wide Emina 95 G-Front Bonnet Emina 95 G-Alloy


My Photos.

new.gif (1147 bytes)

My Estima and I My Estima - Front My Estima - Front Passenger Side My Estima - Rear My Estima - Rear Driver Side
My Estima - Roof My Estima - Roof Angle My Estima - Light Array

Yellow Fog lights

My Estima - Turbo Timer

Turbo Timer

My Estima - Underseal