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Here are some fine examples of Toyota Estimas from around the world.


Owners Gallery - 1 - 1 Owners Gallery - 1 - 2 Owners Gallery - 1 - 3 Owners Gallery - 1 - 4 Owners Gallery - 1 - 5 Owners Gallery - 1 - 6

 Owners Gallery - 1 - 7

The Toyota Estima Lucida you see the pictures left was bought from MVI-Services Japan from their stock pages on the internet.  The order was originally placed on the 14 June, It was shipped on 28 June.  I also paid for their on the road package Total cost 5900 which means they change the centre rear lights to fog lights Put a MPH speedo plate in, MOT the vehicle and register it it also includes number plates which they will send to me when I receive the registration document back from DVLA, also all the shipping costs insurance and duty is paid by them out of the total cost.  It is a 1993 X grade model with twin sunroofs, remote central locking and 12 stack CD player.  Mileage is 65000 KM

(See Owner's Experiences for further details, especially the unfortunate last photo)

(Thanks to John Neale)

Owner's Gallery 2 -1

Owner's Gallery 2 - 2

Click here to see Jamie's excellent article on how he imported his Estima Lucida into Australia.

Estima Lucida 'G' Turbo 4WD
Year: 1992
Seats: 7 seater
Mileage: 62,000km

Captains chairs in middle seat row (7 seater)
Central Locking (from passenger and drivers door)
Child-safe locking side slide door.
Cigarette lighter
Dual Air Conditioning
Climate Control
ECT/Power modes
Electric windows
Heated rear window
Metallic Yellow paint
Twin cup holders
Power Steering
Remote fuel flap release
Reversing mirror
Roof rack fittings
Tilt adjustable steering column
Tinted windows
Automatic transmission
Curtains (not electric)
Fog lights

(Thanks to Jamie Forgan)

Owner's Gallery 3 - 1 1994 (M) Toyota Estima Emina X 4x4 2.2 TD

(Thanks to John New)

Owner's Gallery 5 - 1 Owner's Gallery 5 - 2 Owner's Gallery 5 - 3

Owner's Gallery 5 - 4 Owner's Gallery 5 - 5 Owner's Gallery 5 - 6

Owner's Gallery 5 - 7

It's a 1990 TCR11W, 2TZ-FE with 4A transmission. It's a seven seater ("captain" seats in middle row), with dual air.cond., Toyota CD player and nine speaker system. It has only 50,000 miles (80,000km) on it, and as you can see from the pictures, it's in mint condition.

It needs new tyres, has a small crack in the right hand side of the body near the drivers door, and has the dreaded leaky rear window. But it's completely rust free. And those 3 "faults" are being seen to this week. It will be nearly perfect when we leave for a 1500 mile trip around New Zealand's South Island next week. I hope. The body crack is being Mig welded, and the body repaired and repainted, the window leak is under my own care and I have 4 new Hankook K402 215/65R15 tyres on order. Tyres for Previa/Estima models seem hard to find here in NZ.

Other details include:-

Factory 15' alloy wheels ( x 5 -it's got a full size spare)
Fog lamps incorporated in main fitting
Power retracting side mirrors
Climate control
Central locking
Vandal-proof AM/FM aerial in rear window
European styled wipers (pivots at each side)
Electronic 4-stage automatic transmission

(Thanks to Wayne Poll)

RH Estima.01 RH Estima.02
RH Estima 03 RH Estima.04
RH Estima.05 Rh Estima.06
RH Estima.07 RH Estima.08
Rh Estima_and_Levin RH Estima_and_me

new.gif (1147 bytes)

There are many things I want to write about the New Estima but I don't know if my "english" will help...
At first, here are some of the specifications:

4,750 * 1,790(w) * 1,770(h) = become a little smaller
wheel base : 2,900 mm
155 mm from the ground
cockpit: 2,950 * 1560(w) * 1,265(h)(1,250 when twin moon roof is installed)
transmission : Super ECT 4AT coram

L4 2.4l (2AZ-FE), DOHC, 2,362cc, 118kw(160ps)/5,600rpm,
221N.m(22.5kg.m)/4,000rpm, regular gasoline, 70 liters tank

V6 3.0l(1MZ-FE), V6 DOHC, 2,994cc, 162kw(220ps)/5800rpm,
304N.m(31.0kg.m)/4400rpm, premium gasoline, 70 liters tank

There are 4 grades: J, X, AERAS, G (only this one has the 7 seats option)

The engine now is located in the front, so there is the minimum noise possible in the cockpit, meaning more space and confort.
There are 2 rear doors (in the left and right side), new HID lamp system (allowing twice the brightness with the half of energy consumption),
DVD Voice Navigation System with back monitor (a small camera located near of
the rear number plate, when put in "R" position, automatically the monitor (tv) shows a graphical line helping you to park, front and rear sensors (alerts depending of the
distance with beep sound), cruise  control (automatically slow down when detect a car in your front, and returns to the original speed when the road is free), auto half-door closer, remote door open, twin moon roof, remote
engine starter and guard system with answer back, dual air bag, ABS, safety body, low emulsion of gas, and others options.

The engine is extremely powerfull (3.0 V6) and quite, the catalogue says that it can reach 100mph in 9.5 sec., the fastest MPV in Japan (2nd is the Honda Odyssey 3.0 V6)
The price is around U$ 22,000(J) to U$ 30,000(G) without options.

(Thanks to Ricardo Higa)

  Here are some fine examples of cousins of the Toyota Estima, again from around the world.

Owners Gallery - 4 - 1 Owners Gallery 4 - 2 Owners Gallery 4 - 3 Owners Gallery 4 - 4 Owners Gallery 4 - 5 My Previa is a '92 US spec DX model, rear-wheel drive, 2.4 litre with 5-speed, now with 160,000 miles on the clock.  I replaced the 14" steel wheels with 16" alloys, and have also added Bosch driving lights, a Kenwood in-dash CD player with JBL 6x9" speakers in the front doors, KYB gast struts and shocks, and ADCO rear swaybar.  I've hard-wired in an AC power inverter and three additional DC power outlets for a mobile scanner, radar detector, laptop computer, portable TV/VCR for rear passengers, etc.  I commute daily in my Previa as well as use it to haul whitewater kayaks, and sleep in it on weekend trips.  I normally leave the second-row bench at home and fold the third-row seats up and down as needed.   It's my first van and has been a great vehicle so far.

(Thanks to David Mackintosh)