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Here is a selection of all the little signs/notices/labels that I found on my Estima Emina. They have very kindly been translated for me by JJ (MAD Mechanic), I hope they'll be of use.

  Image Location Translation
1. Translation 1 Under the bonnet Exhaust Emission Control Act 1994 Compliant Vehicle (10.15 mode)
Engine Type: 3C variant
Cubic Capacity: 2184 cc
Engine Adjustment
Idle speed: 750 rpm
Injection timing: 0 BTDC
Non load pollution level: 23%

This vehicle meets the Exhaust Emission Control Act 1994 set out in Road
Vehicle Type Approval.

28260 Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. UQ
2. Translation 2 Under the bonnet Air filter cleaning
Passenger vehicle: every 12 months
Commercial vehicle: every 6 months
Air filter Replacement: every 50,000km

"ENGINE TUNE UP SPECIFICATIONS part is as same as the accompanied English
text on the right"
3. Translation 3 Under the bonnet (first line from the left)
82621-28150, /, /, 15A Hazard  Horn, 15A EFI (Petrol engines), WARNING Do
not use fuses other than specified here.

(second line from the left)
Starter Motor, Horn, Glow plugs, Headlights, 15A Radio No.2, 7.5A Dome
light, 20A Headlight (LEFT), 20A Headlight (RIGHT)

(third line from the left)
(Diesel engines), (Diesel engines)
4. Translation 4 Under the bonnet WARNING Car Air-conditioning System
R134a Only
Refrigerant: R134a (HFC 134a), Oil: ND-Oil 8
5. Translation 5 Reverse of Driver's sunshade Driver's Note
(1) Please read the instruction which came with the vehicle carefully before
use, and ensure correct driving operation.
(2) When EXH Temp warning light comes on (vehicles with catalytic
* Reduce speed while driving.
* Stop the engine when stationary.
When the warning light remains or comes on again, do not proceed using the
vehicle and get it inspected.
(3) When parking, ensure there are no flammable materials such as dry grass
around or under the vehicle.
Before you start the vehicle up, ensure there are no flammable materials in
the back of the vehicle.

(Star) Refer to the Service booklet which came with the vehicle and carry
out routine inspection (before driving) or get the vehicle serviced in
regular intervals.
6. Translation 6 Steering Column Shift lock
7. Translation 7   WARNING
This vehicle is FULL TIME 4WD with viscous coupled differentials.
Make sure you refer to the instruction manual before towing.

This warning light comes on when the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid)
becomes abnormally hot.  In such instance, stop the vehicle in a safe area
and let it idle with the automatic gear lever in 'P' position until the
warning light goes out.
- For details, refer to the instruction manual-

Well, actually this is quite an important point on which you might like to advise visitors to your site.  Under no circumstance that the FULL TIME 4WD (permanent 4WD) vehicle to be towed with only two wheel off the road.  The reason behind this is that there is a part of the powertrain which splits the power to front and rear wheels (differential) and when only two wheels are raise and other two are left to coast on the road whilst towing, this can heat and seize the mechanism.
Thus when towing, make sure all 4 wheels are on the road and keep the speed really slow but preferably,  it is best to have a big transporter which is capable of carrying the vehicle with all 4 wheels off the road.

8. Translation 8 Inside driver's door Tyre Pressure [ Estima Emina, Estima Lucida ]
Tyre size, Front tyre, Rear tyre
215/65R15 96H, 2.3 (2.3), 2.3 (2.3)
215/65R15 96S, 2.3 (2.3), 2.3 (2.3)
() is for the motorway use
T145/80D16 (Temporary tyre) 4.2
For details, refer to the instruction manual
9. Translation 9 On sliding door window WARNING
* The door will shut itself automatically when not closed properly.
Beware not to get your fingers trapped.
10. Translation 10 On rear of front passenger chair WARNING
1. When using rotating seat facing front, please use the 3 point seat belt.
2. Lap belt must be looped through the bottom of the arm rest to be fastened properly.
3. Do not drive with the seats in 'full-flat' position.
11. Translation 11 On support strut under rear seats SEAT HOOK COVER