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This gallery is intended to illustrate points of interest, excellent examples of Toyota Estima's and if people want to send me electronic images, I will include pictures of your Estima.

The pictures are divided in to the following categories, just click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Japanese Auction Estima Internals Toyota Estima Examples Owners Gallery My Estima Official Toyota Pictures

If you have electronic images of your Estima or you have conventional photos and would like them included in the Owners Gallery, please send them to me, include specification details about your vehicle and I will include them here. I will return the photos to you asap after I've scanned them, and will reimburse any postage incurred by yourself (UK postage only!). E-mail me for further details.

Japanese Auction

Toyota Auction House TAA Auto Auction: Outside photo of the TAA or Toyota auction centre, just 10 minutes from Angel Motors Japan's office.
Auction Car Park TAA Auction forecourt: One of many parking lots where up to 2000 cars are sold each week.
Auction Terminal Computer rating system: Every vehicle sold at a Japan auction house is carefully inspected and given a rating reflecting the overall quality and condition of the vehicle. An auction sheet can be found in every vehicle to be purchased and auction members have unlimited time till bidding commences to carefully view a vehicle. Keys are also in every vehicle to test the engine and electrics. Here is a photo of one of many computer terminals at the auction where a bidder can review details and photos of each car.
Auction Room

Auction Room

TAA Main Auction room: The main room of the TAA auction centre where cars up for bidding are displayed. Two vehicles are sold every minute and the auction screen displays all the relevant details of every vehicle. At each seat, an auction member has access to a electronic terminal where he may bid on a vehicle. If his bid wins then a light on his individual panel will light up.
Netz Body Workshop Toyota NETZ Sports Centre: Next to the TAA auction is the NETZ  Sports workshop where any variety of customising or modification work car be done on any Toyota model.
White Estima - Bodykit Customised Estima: The Japanese have a love affair with white vehicles unlike the UK. To them white represents a sign of purity and cleanliness. Here is a "low-down" version of an Estima customised with skirts all round and fitted with hydraulics patterned after the S. California "low-rider" models. This version is mainly popular with the Japanese youth.

Estima Lucida/Emina Internals etc.

Here are some shots of an Emina "G" and a Lucida "X" models. I've tried to line shots up for comparison, where appropriate, between the two models.


  Estima Emina - G   Estima Lucida - X
Front Panel Auto. Climate Control Unit with central air cond. vents above. Sonar Parking Sensors button can be seen as well. Front Panel X Front panel air cond./ heating  unit and central vents of a Lucida X grade
Radio_CD Sample Standard Toyota Cassette-Radio unit (top) with CD Changer Unit (below) ECT switch can be seen as well.    
    Steering wheel X Steering wheel and column with top left being column shift, the lower is the windshield wiper unit and the smaller tilt adjust lever for the column. Right side is the light and indicators. Side air vent also shown
Hot-Cool Box Cool and Hot Box    
Under Bonnet - Left View of front bonnet area (left side looking toward the vehicle) where one can conveniently check the various fluid levels such as power steering, coolant, transmission fluid and also window washing container.    
Under Bonnet - Right Right side view of front bonnet where oil level can be checked and location of the battery.    
Rear - seats stowed Rear view into the back of a "G" model with back seats folded to the side. Quite convenient for extra loads. Mid row captain seats can also be reversed and slide toward to front to give additional space. Lucida - Rear seats stowed Rear view of boot area of an X with back seats folded to the sides. Full length centre seat shown. Can also be moved forward to give additional space.
Rear right seat stowed Boot section of "G" model with one of the two back seats folded up conveniently to the side. There is a strap on the underside of the seat that attaches to the upper hand grip in the vehicle.    
Middle seat row - reversed View of mid and back row seats from the side door with mid row captain seats reversed. Lucida - Middle Bench Seat View from side door of full length centre seats of a Lucida X grade.
Middle seats reversed 2 View of mid row "captain seats reversed and slid forward to the front to give additional space at the rear.    
Rear view - all seats forward View of "G" grade with all seats in proper forward position and side arm rests in place.    
Rear seats for 2 View of rear seating in "G" which can seat 2 with arm rests down, or up to 3 with arm rests up.    
Rear seats for 3 View of rear seating in "G" with arm rests up to seat 3. Lucida - Rear seats down View of back seats of an X grade which can seat 3
    Private view glass Tinted ("private view") side windows


Emina - Front Front view of an Emina G grille and panel with parking sensors
Lucida - Front Front view of a Lucida X grille and panel.
Emina - Back Rear view of Emina G grade with two sets of parking sensors, centre and to the sides.
Lucida - Back Rear view of a Lucida X.
Emina - Alloy Front right view driver's side of "G" grade with standard alloys.
Parking sensor can also be seen.

Lucida - Standard Wheel Trim Sample of standard Toyota wheel trims.

Toyota Estima Examples

Estima Turquoise - Front

Estima Turquoise - Back

Estima Turquoise - Interior

This one is a high specification Emina "G" grade and has 4WD, alloy wheels, twin moon roof, hot and cold box, auto. climate control, captain seats, sonar parking with the high roof. It also has electric curtains with mileage of 61,000.
Estima Silver - Front

Estima Silver - Back

Estima Silver - Interior

1993 Estima "G" model in pearlescent silver
1993 L Estima Emina G - Front

1993 L Estima Emina G - Rear

1993 L reg. Toyota Estima Lucida- G model
7 seats with captain seats as a second row.
2.2-turbo diesel
Colour: Wine Red with Toyota grey cloth (check) interior. Outside body, front & rear fenders are all in very good condition. Grade was 3.5 at
Toyota Auction, which is very good as they are very strict on their grading!
Twin Moon/Sunroof
Auto Air Con. -front & back
Auto Transmission with Overdrive
AMJ - 1995 Estima Lucida X Luxury-1.jpg

AMJ - 1995 Estima Lucida X Luxury-back

Toyota Estima Lucida X Luxury, grade 3.5 in royal blue, 8 seats  with under 80,000 km and it sold for @ 880,000 at auction.
AMJ - 1992 K Estima Lucida 4WD-Front

AMJ - 1992 K Estima Lucida 4WD-Rear

AMJ - 1992 K Estima Lucida 4WD-Interior

1992 K reg. Estima Lucida 4WD 2.2 TD model Very rare
yellow metallic colour.

8 seats, Column auto transmission with 4WD (full time), 52,000 miles, Grade: 3.5, Twin moon roof, Overdrive, ECT engine power boost
Toyota cassette-radio with Toyota 12 disc CD changer
Alloy wheels (after market).

All the above pictures and information are reproduced by kind permission of Angel Motors Japan. Please do not reproduce, by any means, without first obtaining permission.

  new.gif (1147 bytes)Official Toyota Pictures

91Estima 91 Estima 94 Lucida Joyful Canopy 94 Estima Lucida Joyful Canopy
95 Estima 4wd 95 Estima 4WD 98 Estima Aeras 98 Estima Aeras
98 Estima Aeras sc 98 Estima Aeras 98 Estima Lucida Aeras 98 Estima Lucida Aeras
Estima Dash Estima Dash Estima Seats Estima Seats

  (Thanks to JJ aka MAD Mechanic)