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new.gif (1147 bytes)NB: I will not be accepting any new Questionnaires, I will keep this page on the site for completeness. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete it.

Thank you for visiting The UK Toyota Estima Site, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the questionnaire below. This is to enable me to better meet your needs and so improve the website. I am also considering creating a UK Toyota EStima Club, please see below and express your interest.

I've tried to keep it simple, so you only have to click on a box/button, but I always welcome any comments you have to make, If you need to qualify or add more detail to an answer please use the "Additional Comments" box at the bottom.

You and your Estima

Sex:     Age:     Number of Children:

Country of Residence:


Special Edition:     Year built:     Number of Seats:

Average MPG (if known)?     Colour:

Are you the first registered owner of the vehicle in the UK( or your country of residence)?

Years you have owned your Estima?

Equipment :

ABS Alloy wheels Boot liner - Plastic
Exterior Canopy Captains chairs Central Locking
Child-safe locking side slide doors Cruise control Driver and passenger airbags
Dual Air Conditioning Climate Control Dual Sunroofs (Moon Roofs)
Easy close back door Easy close side door ECT button
Electric windows Electric curtains Manual curtains
Full size spare wheel Space-saver spare wheel Electric mirrors
Heated electric mirrors Hot and cold storage box Joyful Canopy (High Roof)
Lace seat/headrest covers Mock Walnut dash and door caps Multi-box (under centre console)
Night Parking stick Overdrive Picnic table and chairs
Power Steering Rear spoiler Reversing mirror - external
Roof rails Satellite Navigation Side indicators on wing
Television Privacy Glass (Tinted windows) Ultrasound parking sensors
Wire mesh window heat reflectors 110v DC electric hook up with outlet  

Problems encountered and how were they resolved?

If your Estima was stolen tomorrow and never to be found, would you buy another Estima?


Who services your Estima?

At what intervals do you service your Estima?

Have you replaced the exhaust?    

If yes who replaced it and was it "off the shelf"?

Have you replaced the timing belt yet?

If so, at what interval was it carried out at?

UK Toyota Estima Site Club

I am considering setting up a Club from based upon the Site, mainly to try and negotiate further discounts on servicing and parts and maybe even insurance for members benefits. I would be looking to make it a free membership, and running it all electronically using the internet and e-mail.

Would you be interested in joining a UK Toyota Estima Site Club?

Other than discounts, would there be anything else you would like the proposed club to do, or activities to take part in?


UK Toyota Estima Site

How did you find the website?

How often have you visited the website?

Is there anything that you would like to see included on the website?

Additional Comments