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This section is a chance for you lucky Estima owners to give your hard earned experiences, the good and maybe the bad, to those of us who are waiting (some not so patiently!) to get their hands on one of their own. So go on, let everyone know what you've discovered about your Toyota Estima

  • The engine started making a nasty (and expensive sound) knocking noise at idling revs. (only 45000Km on the clock) The local Toyota dealer (Dixons, Hull) was baffled and dismantled numerous elements of it including removing the engine. They finally found a thrust washer between engine and transmission had disintegrated (or was missing) which in turn allowed over half an inch of 'end float' of the crank shaft to damage a plate which joins the flywheel to the torque converter. (This plate seems rather flimsy considering the forces involved). Whilst the job was relatively minor (200 would have covered it), I got charged 1,600 for the work involved in tracking it down! There was nothing wrong with the engine or fuel pump at all. (Thanks to GR)
  • Directline do not always quote for a Japanese Import vehicle, they might just be willing to provide cover to existing customers only. (Thanks to Steve)
  • Estima Lucida, L reg, made in 1993. The rear brakes are drums and it's got a rigid real axle with semi-trailing arms, coils and shocks and a panhard rod, so the rear suspension is not independent. (Thanks to Nick Keene)
  • If anyone changes the speedo facia dial from km to mph, they have to remove the speedo needle to get the new mph facia on. When the needle is put back on it is essential that the ignition is switched on when the needle is set to zero.   If the ignition is not while this is done, when it is eventually switched on it will read around 15mph whilst you are stationary as it is an electronic system not cable driven. (Thanks to Trevor George)
  • Toyota Estima Lucida X. There was a delay in the ship reaching England, Arriving on 7th September I went to collect the vehicle from MVI-Services UK on the 13th Sept. after it had been MOT'd etc.  As you can see (see Owners Gallery) their is some damage to the vehicle which happened on the 14th, when a vehicle turning out of a side road failed to stop and ran into the side, I have been in contact with my insurance company, Who have put my intouch with an approved repairer who saw it on Saturday.  They have said the insurance company may insist on a new panel which will probably have to be imported from Japan. (Thanks to John Neale)
  • I have a 1995 Emina Estima "X" model with the "private view" windows etc. I recently had the misfortune of someone run into the rear nearside of it. I am insured by Directline, whom I found (after phoning around) to offer the best quote and they were very efficient and courteous in their execution of getting it fixed. Their preferred body repairer was Hardie Inglis in Glasgow who sourced the parts (rear bumper, n/s tail light and inside lining) and returned the vehicle within 2 weeks. The job that they done was first class and you wouldn't know that it had been touched. I am now like a child with a new toy again and look forward to many years of fun with my Estima.(Thanks to David Baillie)
  • I've just bought an Estima Emina today (18/11/00), and thought you may be interested in knowing that the best insurance deal I could get was through Tesco. You can't get a quote on-line (which is no different to Directline), but you can ring them on 0845 300 44 00. (Thanks to Russ Flood)
  • You may like to know that the universally available 'Witter' towbar for the British Previa can be simply fitted by using simple spacers and longer bolts to accommodate the width differences. (Thanks to John New)
  • Just thought others would like to hear of this garage near Derby, where they deal with Estimas and supply tow bars at a good price. I've just damaged an alloy wheel and they sold me a very good set for a 100. They also make their own roof rails and seem to be pretty helpful. 

    Bullivant Cars
    Wiltshire Road
    DE21 6EZ

    Tel: 01332 67100

    (Thanks to Jim Stewart)
  • Just a little info. that I've found the hard way, but may be useful to other owners. My (93) Estima Lucida is a G grade, it had an expander fitted to the existing stereo but still appeared to only cover a fraction of the British radio frequencies, I purchased a new stereo and when I came to fit it, I had to cut the existing plugs off, I traced the wires with a meter and my results are as follows: -
    Main Colour Stripe Connected to
    White Green Rear Right Speaker (+)
    Red Green " " " (-)
    Light Green Green Front Right Speaker (+)
    Blue White " " " (-)
    Pink Green Front Left Speaker (+)
    Purple Green " " " (-)
    Black Green Rear Left Speaker (+)
    Yellow Green " " " (-)
    Red White Continuos Live (+)
    Grey (solid)   Ignition Controlled Live (+)
    White Black Lighter connection (earth (-)

         (Thanks to Andy Naylor)

  • I can confirm that the radio wiring (above) on an Estima 2.2 TD - 1993, is the same colour coding as listed on your web site, thanks, saved me ages not having to test it out my self. (Thanks to Dave Saint)

  • near the Bow flyover, on the way to Stratford, East London. They rebuilt my Estima 2.2 TD engine, I think it was their first attempt at a Estima import but they persevered and managed to find suppliers for all the parts. The staff are very courteous although it took ages, their engines have a 5 year warranty, and Bob who seems to be the owner/manager tells me they have done several Estima's now and are getting to know all the pitfalls. They might be an option for South/East London Estima owners. (Thanks to Dave Saint)
  • I currently have a Lucida (Estima) whatever it is called. the poor thing was sitting in a workshop having its driveshaft bearings changed, unfortunately the garage was having a few difficulties in replacing this, they said they did not know which way the flanges were supposed to go. I can't fault the garage that carried out the repair, as I am sure you are aware that without the manuals repairs are a bit of a hit ad miss affair, as it turned out my local Toyota dealer had the required diagram, but alas working a fax machine was just a bit too technical for their parts department. But a happy ending and as I say the car is now back on the road, so if you know of anyone in the Slough area I can recommend the garage that carried out the repair. Also I have found a place in Newbury that specialises in Japanese imports and can obtain spares quite quickly.

    The company in Slough is called Airport Motors, Colnbrook By Pass, Slough, SL3 8QQ Tel: 01753 681559. This was the garage that carried out the work to the drive shaft, they also carried out the service last November. I have used them in the past for other vehicles that I have owned and they have been there for a number of years. I have never really had any course for concern over their work.

    The Newbury company is a company called Vehicle Buyers Japan, Building 104 New Greenham Park, Newbury, RG19, Tel: 01635 38969. This is there parts department, however they do have a service department. I have recently purchased from them a new exhaust (which they fitted) and a set of brake pads (Airport Motors fitted). The parts department assistant (Martin) always seems
    very helpful and quite knowledgeable.
    (Thanks to Bev Stokes)
  • Just trying to check my Insurance quote for my Lucida. Have used Admiral (642) but thought I'd look around, the outcome was:

    Royal Sun Alliance - can't help mate, it's not on the database. Have you tried Swintons?
    DirectLine - Can't quote at the moment?
    Gladiator - awaiting quote via email
    Adrian Flux - had to phone, kept waiting some time, friendly guys, 695
    Bennets Direct - number change to 0990 202 090. Can't quote on Japanese Imports
    Privilege - nice people 682
    OPI - not taking on Lucidas due to personnal injury problems, asked if i'd tried Bell Direct?
    A-plan - Direct number. 0845 0711234, seem efficient 895
    Tesco - Very expensive 930
    Hill House Hammond - sorry don't insure Japanese Imports anymore

    So it looks like Admiral have it again.
    (Thanks to Dave Meeks)
  • new.gif (1147 bytes)Just for your information UMW Malaysia (Sole agent and distributor for Toyota in Malaysia) do not import vehicles like Toyota Estima/Previa/Lucida as well as Toyota Lexus Harrier. So they do not support spare parts for these models. I either order it from Singapore or some good spare part dealers in Malaysia will do it for us. Sending Estima for service at UMW will cost 30% more for "labour charges" as Estima is not included in their "family tree". Toyotas are locally assembled here such as Camry, corollas & Liteace. UMW gives more priority and privileges to their own assembled cars than these imported cars. I got my Estima from a company in Malaysia which was given the rights by the government to sell imported vehicles but unfortunately these "vultures" are only interested in making big profit out of selling vehicles but not spare parts. (Thanks to Nizam)
  • new.gif (1147 bytes)I've just got back from a weekend away towing my new caravan, I don't use an oil cooler, but noticed a drop in transmission fluid level so had to top that up. The car uses Dexron as opposed to TQF which is another "need to know". (Thanks to Richard Warr)