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Header - Euro-Spec 2000.gif (5992 bytes)

Euro-Spec 2000 have kindly offered to give visitors to this site discounts on the following items:

  1. Waxoyl underseal for only 65.00, normally 85.00 for an Estima
  2. Radio Band expanders for only 10.00
  3. Speedo clock faces in MPH for only 10.00
  4. Speedo convertors (Kmh to MPH) for only 40.00 (posted)
  5. Speedo convertors (Kmh to MPH) for only 60.00 (fitted)

I can wholeheartedly recommend Euro-Spec 2000, as I've had the pleasure of using their service, they have undersealed my Estima and refitted my Turbo-Timer, as well as sorting out a minor problem with my front fog lights. I found them friendly, curteous, efficient and most importantly did a good job. See the results on My Estima page under the My Photos section.

They can also provide an Owner's Manual for 15.00. This is obstensively the same as the manual from Import Handbooks, except that it is an older version. On examination it still gives the basic details expected, although there are differences.

To obtain the discount you MUST mention The UK Toyota Estima Site.

You can contact them at:

York Town Industrial Estate
4 Doman Road
Unit F
GU15 3DF

Telephone: 01276 670 628
Fax:          01276 670 638
Mobile:      0468 196 825